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Why a Mentally Ill Millennial from Missouri is Running for US Senate

Updated: Jul 15

Before I introduce myself, let me tell you who I am not. I am not a disgraced former Governor bankrolled by a GOP Super PAC. I am not someone looking to make their name off of their fear of the #BLM movement.

I am not a Representative who took out PPP loans while blocking vital pandemic aid to their constituents

I am not a Mayor who made their houseless constituents choose between being exposed to a pandemic and dying in the winter freeze instead of implementing housing options offered in the CARES ACT until after the winter had passed.

I am not someone who may flip flop on women’s rights.

I am not an Attorney General who devoted resources towards overthrowing Democracy amidst a pandemic.

I am not a State Senator who focused on getting the DNA of minors into the criminal database instead of sponsoring legislation to help his constituents amidst a pandemic.

I am not a Secretary of State who made it harder to vote amidst a pandemic.

I am not a Senate President Pro Tem who blocked voter-approved ACA State Medicaid Expansion over misguided and ignorant views on human biology.

I am not a US Attorney who supported Trump’s and Barr’s controversial Operation LeGend.

I am not a U.S. House Representative who has voted repeatedly against his constituent’s interests.

I do not try to protect Capitol seditionists.

I am not a former Governor that blocked attempts to root out domestic terrorism - domestic terrorism that resulted in the Capitol insurrection - over a decade ago.

That is who I am not.

As for who I am? I am first and foremost a #ShowMe Kid. I have spent over 30 of the nearly 35 years of my life in this State. When I didn’t reside here, I resided in border towns in border states (Pittsburg, KS and Miami, OK).

I was born in Missouri. I was raised in Missouri. I received my higher education (MBA from Northwest Missouri State University) in Missouri. I’ve lived in rural areas of Missouri and I’ve lived in urban areas of Missouri. I’ve at times lived in my car in Missouri. I survived childhood trauma and abuse here. I’ve survived childhood poverty here.

I grew well into adulthood with undiagnosed Autism Spectrum Disorder and C-PTSD here. I’ve seen politics and capitalism destroy communities in Missouri, allowing those communities to fall to self medication treatments. I understand the needs of this State. Not from the top-down, but from the bottom-up and inside-out. Who I am is a citizen of Missouri seeking to not only represent - but to actually exceed the needs of their constituents - as US Senator from Missouri in 2022.

That’s who I am. With that established, the next question of issue is why I am running. Well, as we are all well aware, 2020 was not exactly the best year in America’s history.

Nor was it my best year. When the pandemic and lockdown hit, I had already been at home on short term disability for a couple of months after what I now understand was a C-PTSD induced panic attack and autistic meltdown in December 2019. To put this in perspective, on one of my last days at work, I did not leave my seat until my superior had left for the day. I was under extreme fear and anxiety after a meeting with said supervisor. I did not leave my seat to eat, drink, or even to go to the bathroom. I was frozen. In March 2020 I received my PTSD and C-PTSD diagnosis and went onto unemployment insurance after my employer failed to respond to ADA accommodations in time. In March 2020 COVID-19 was here and lockdowns were rolling out.

In March 2020, I began dealing with my mental illness amidst the pandemic. The CARES ACT was passed and things weren’t great, but things seemed promising until August 2020. Or so I thought. The GOP questions started. The anger rose. The anti-lockdown protests began. The virus spread. And spread. And spread. And people started dying. A lot of people. Dying painfully, fearfully, and alone. The GOP lies flowed more and more. Governors started fighting the virus mitigation strategies. Politicians started urging their constituents to doubt the CDC and to hate the WHO. And more people died.

Come late July 2020, I was sitting at home in a state of panic and anxiety almost 24/7 watching people suffer and die needlessly solely due to bad policy.

I broke. I’ve struggled with suicidal ideation for the majority of my life. Even when it’s bad, I’m always able to endure the mental storm and ride out the desire to end my life.

I couldn’t endure any longer.

In early August 2020, days after my Autism diagnosis, I checked myself into a local psych ward for the first time in my life. I wish I could say it was a positive experience, but it wasn’t. However, it did give me an opportunity to reset and try a new path. Upon my release, I found a good therapist and really started working on my mental health. I had a new desire. A new purpose. I looked long and hard at our political leaders while I dug deep into our American history. It didn’t make sense. It doesn’t make sense. These people were leading us in 2020? These people devoted themselves to a lie at the cost of half a million American lives in a single year.

If that wasn’t enough… In the midst of this pandemic, January 6th happened. The lies grew and grew and the Big Lie was given life. A life that nearly choked our American Democracy to death… Literally. I knew on that day that I could not trust anyone else to deal with the complex issues our nation faces in the 2020s and beyond. I knew on that day, I had to run for office. Initially, I had planned to challenge Josh Hawley in 2024 - if he is not indicted before then. But… Then the announcement came. Roy Blunt would not seek election. Time is life, and the sooner I seek office, hopefully the sooner I can begin the work of reversing climate change as well as literally centuries of systemic racism in our government and justice system. So… That is why I am running for US Senate from Missouri in 2022.

With that said so far, you may be thinking to yourself that I’m likely running as a Democrat or Independent. That logic would make sense, however, it would not be accurate.

No, I am running as a Republican. A liberal Lincoln Republican. I am running as a Republican for a number of reasons:

- Lincoln’s memory deserves better than the modern actions of the GOP.

- We need at least two functioning parties, and restoring the Republican Party is easier than getting third parties rolling at this time.

- Strategy - I live in a gerrymandered red state. Let’s use their toys *against* them.

- They tried to steal our Democracy. I want to steal the Party back from under them.

Lastly, you may be wondering what my actual platform is. You can get a more detailed overview on my website, but my perspective on legislating can be summed up in a few key ideas:

- The role of the government is to provide their citizens the best quality of life with the given contemporary technology, wealth, and knowledge. - No man should have two cows until every man has a cow. - Every individual deserves basic human respect unless self-forfeited by inhumane actions.

I do want to thank you for taking the time to read the thoughts, desires, and proposals of this mentally ill millennial. If you would like to see what an America with a rational Republican Party working alongside instead of Democrats for the common good may look like, please consider donating to my campaign. You can also follow me on Twitter and Facebook.

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