We should be encouraging as many people to engage in our Democratic process as possible - not trying to disenfranchise and alienate them from the system.

Most felons should be allowed to vote.

We need to get at least the John Lewis Voting Rights Act passed - if not that and the For The People Act - ASAP.

We need to be building an infrastructure for online voting.

Voter ID is fine, but we need to have a free easy access system for identification in place first - including online application, verification, and free shipping.

Too Little For Too Long

No matter what number we try to legislate - $15, $25, $35 - it won't work.

America has 50 State different economies feeding into the larger American economy.

A one size fits all solution will not work.

That's why I propose a minimum wage amendment that requires States, territories, and the Federal Government to recalculate their minimum wages annually based on their specific economies.

Any other alternative is just a band-aid and will get us back to this same discussion time and time again.

It's time America future proofs employee wages.

Image by Giorgio Trovato
Image by NeONBRAND


‪#GuaranteedMinimumWage #GMW‬
‪$2,000/month UBI.‬
‪$1,400 from the fed, states can opt-in an extra $600 - minimum. Costlier States can pay more.‬
‪Replaces unemployment insurance and cash benefits other than SSI/SSDI.‬

Guaranteed Minimum Wage takes the power of food and shelter away from employers creating a safety net for unionization.

Paid for by instituting a backdated payroll replacement tax that forces corporations to pay a tax percentage in line with how much of their workforce they have automated since the rise of robotics in the 1970s.

Further funding can be achieved by implementing luxury and corporate focused Value Added Taxes. 

VAT is better than Wealth Taxes because the tax is collected at point of sale - making it harder for overpaid CPAs to dodge them.

We can secure even additional funding by regulating cryptocurrency and implementing a federally based cryptocurrency. Profits can be fed into the #GMW fund and/or into the public option based healthcare system.

While reviewing cryptocurrency regulatory options, we can also start drafting a 21st Century Digital Bill of Rights.

PBS For a Better Future


We need to rethink the concept of American schools.

We need to view them as they are - daycare centers that offer education.

When viewed through that lens, it's easier to argue for funding for arts and music and diversity based sports, etc.

So, instead of viewing teachers as "teachers" we can start viewing them as contracted pediatric non-medical caregivers that offer tutoring.

This mindset makes it easier to argue for substantially higher pay and better benefits.

And with PBS, we can automate the majority of the menial tedious duties of teaching to free caregiver time up for one on one tutoring sessions.

Private Education: Exists because we have failed public education as a country. My proposal restores public education to the status it should be, nullifying the need for private education.

Higher Education: We need to obviously forgive student loan debt and freeze tuition to begin with. We need to do much, much more though. We need to look into why tuition costs have exploded and get costs back in line to what they are in comparable nations. Then we can focus on making public higher education free and private higher education affordable for all classes.

Image by Natanael Melchor

Is A Right

Medicare-X or a public forces competition in the healthcare industry - raising quality of care while lowering costs - and forces the insurance carriers to either refocus as an industry or to pursue bankruptcy.

A public option decouples healthcare from employers, giving unions more bargaining power for wages and benefits.

A public option also gets America a step closer to universal mental health care coverage.

We should start viewing LGBTQ+ in terms of public health rather than religious or societal norms, with an IMMEDIATE BAN ON ALL VARIATIONS OF CONVERSION THERAPY - including Applied Behavior Analysis for those who are on the autism spectrum, like myself. This will allow us to craft data backed therapy options to ease one's journey of self-acceptance and self-love.

Society has evolved. It's time our laws do.

We need to immediately institute Paid Family Leave on par with or superior to existing policies in comparable nations.

The child adoption process and fostering system should be removed from religious.

The adoption process and fostering system should be heavily funded with modern day facilities and child psychology based regulations.

Children should not be removed from families when the only cause is poverty. We can pay the family and keep children at home.

Potential adoptive parents should be based on the quality of life they can provide and not what religion they subscribe to or what gender they are attracted to.

Pro-Life means understanding Life.

‪Abortion is a medical procedure.‬
‪A life-saving medical procedure.‬
‪A medical procedure that can guarantee living dependent aged children will still have a mother‬

The data speaks for itself. 

If we want less fetuses at risk for abortion, we need to focus on comprehensive sexual education in schools, provide contraceptives at no cost, and make help more widely accessible to victims of rape and incest.


The Stakes are High

I believe that we have this decade to mitigate climate change in any meaningful way.

We need to start by heavily investing in thorium plants while funding fusion research.

To incentivize corporations, we should explore carbon taxes.

We do need to move away from fracking ASAP, however we need to institute Guaranteed Minimum Wage and amend the minimum wage to ensure the transition for employees of that industry is as painless as possible.
Once we reach Net Zero, we need to figure out how to pull the existing carbon out of the atmosphere while restoring ecosystems to balance.

Image by Nicolas HIPPERT

"I look at it this way: The first time, we have an excuse. There were about 100,000 deaths that came from that original surge, all of the rest of them, in my mind, could have been mitigated or decreased substantially."
- Dr. Deborah Birx

No matter how SARS-CoV-2 originated, over half a million Americans were lost to COVID-19 solely due to bad public policy.

Bad public policy fueled by disinformation.

We need to put the "health" back into "public health" and give health professionals more credence than ignorant politicians.

COVID-19 was a test. A test that American failed badly.

As global warming increases, we are at ever more risk of more pandemics from thawing ice and migrating species.

We need to prepare for those pandemics and learn from the mistakes committed in 2020 and 2021.

And that begins with getting the damn shots.

Get vaccinated. If not for others, for yourself.

Rights bear Responsibilities

Regulate guns like cars and schedule them like drugs.
Mandatory regulated testing for licensing.
Mandatory insurance.
Mandatory regulated psych assessment.
Higher licenses required for deadlier firearms.
Mandatory inspections to ensure they’re in working order.
10 day waiting period for first time gun owners to deter crimes of passion and suicide.
I also think we should consider mandatory accomplice sentencing if your gun was used in a crime and you can’t prove you took necessary steps to secure the firearm.
We should also consider requiring new technology on guns such as biosensor pistol grips.

Image by Jay Rembert
Image by Jason Briscoe

The American Dream is broken

Too many younger Americans will never know the experience of home ownership if we continue down this path.

We need a change. A drastic one. NOW.

Homelessness should not exist in a nation of our wealth and technology.

But... We do need to rethink what a "house" is in the 21st century in light of climate change.

We need to start building DOWN using 3D printed homes technology. A good chunk of home electrical usage is climate control. Building into the Earth solves housing and helps us reach net zero.

We can make Green Homes For All a reality.

Peace. Not war.

“Remember, remember always, that all of us, you and I especially, are descended from immigrants and revolutionists.”
- President Franklin D. Roosevelt

Immigration - from all nations - into America should be a cause for celebration.

Instead, it has become a nightmare for far too many families.

We need to craft a real pathway to citizenship, using successful existing models utilized in other modern nations.

We need to focus on 21st Century border security. Technology has evolved beyond border walls.

Those who honorably serve our military should be rewarded with naturalization - not deportation.

People deserve respect. American by birth or not.

Demilitarize and Re-envision

Demilitarize the police.
Have the National Guard confiscate their weapons of war.
Fund mental health first responders and community watchers.
Require body cams for every officer hosted on third party servers.
Higher standards for LEOs.
End Qualified Immunity.
Higher education.
Ideally 4 year law degree.
Higher training.
Ideally military experience.
Higher accountability.
Higher pay.
Fewer cops needed.
Fewer LEO related deaths.

The Stakes are High

I want to give every military veteran with PTSD:‬
‪A free trained service dog. #S613‬
‪Quality healthcare decoupled from the VA.‬
MDMA assisted therapy.‬
‪Guaranteed housing.‬
‪Guaranteed income.‬
‪Social and community services.‬
‪No cost higher education.‬

Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it.

Long story short:

The Daughters of the Confederacy usurped America's public education system in the 1920s to systematically whitewash the nation's White Supremacist history.

This history must be taught so that America can truly understand - and heal - herself at long last.

Critical Race Theory can be the foundation stone to finally implementing reparations for slavery, redline, and indigenous genocide.

Further, #CRT also sets the foundational understanding behind the racist origins of the private prison industry that utilized a loophole in the 13th Amendment to keep slavery legally going in America.

Image by BP Miller
Image by Wesley Tingey


COVID-19 was weaponized by disinformation artists to kill 530,000 Americans in a single year.

And we have yet to respond.

A former President from Missouri once famously said "the buck stops here."

Well, the buck stops here.

Let's nuke this war once and for all.

‪#CyberForce‬ military branch to address cyber threats.

#CYBERACT with AI for disinformation and hate speech removal as well as real time black market and trafficking detection.

‪Open source with QA and an appeals process.‬

They deliver for us. It's time we delivered for them.

The United States Postal Service was once world renowned for setting standard after standard after standard in courier services.

It can be again. And more.

We need to immediately get rid of DeJoy.

We need to offer a public banking option under USPS.

We should nationalize broadband and put it under USPS.

As we move towards clean energy, we should also nationalize all utilities under USPS.

Image by Joshua Hoehne

No Taxation Without Representation





Trump made a deal with terrorists.

Biden honored a deal with terrorists.

What happened to "America does not negotiate with terrorists"? Offer Afghanistan US Statehood.

If they accept, move the National Guard into metropolitan cities while the FBI/CIA/NSA/ armed forces target the Taliban in the mountains.

Then offer Iraq Statehood to keep the Taliban from moving in there.

This puts the United States in negotiation position with both Iran and Russia while giving the United States an excuse to push the demilitarizion of Israel and negotiate peace talks.

Change must be made.

Make. Them. Talk.
And make them *hold*.
Use Al Franken's idea of making it so that they have to 40-45 votes to *maintain* the filibuster rather than 60 to end it.
The Senate is supposed to be a body of debate.
Let's fucking debate.

We need to establish term limits for Congress. 

Further, we need to either abolish the electoral college or mandate that delegates must vote in line with the popular vote.

Image by Tamara Gore

We need to take the death penalty away from States and relegate it to Federal only.

We should only allow it after the full appeals process plays out and only for extreme crimes against Humanity or against the State.

After January 6th and after the last 50 years of CEOs getting away with murder...

I can't justify abolishing the penalty.